Promotional Staffing

Promotional Staffing


M3G’s promotional staffing offers a team of professionally trained brand ambassadors to distribute samples or fliers, facilitate event gaming or give-a-ways, host events, or perform other tasks. Our promotional staffing offers a set of hands to take the burden of interacting with the public, delivering talking points, and activating at various times of the day and night off your hands so you can concentrate on the more pressing areas of your marketing campaign.


Promotional staffers are given special training focusing on professional etiquette, customer interaction, and other best practices in addition to being briefed with special instructions for individual activations. Immediately prior to the activation team leaders list talking points and guidelines on how products/services should be physically handled or discussed at each event. M3G Team leaders provide a strong level of quality assurance and management at events that you may not be able to attend but that demand a stellar performance regardless.

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