About Us

About Us

M3G’s Mobile Media Marketing Group was established 15 years ago to improve the effectiveness of outdoor advertising and alternative media. In doing so, we have evolved the impact and sophistication of what is now known as “Street Marketing” by combining mobile billboard trucks, promotional staffing, customized grassroots programs, door-to-door marketing initiatives, and a host of other non-traditional mediums to deliver company brands to their desired target audiences.

M3G provides a greater reach and more impressions within specific markets by delivering brand messages directly to potential customers where they live, work, and play. Boasting a nationwide fleet of mobile billboards, an army of marketing professionals and an endless number of creative ideas, M3G is dedicated to helping companies extend their brand recognition and exceed expectations.

Mobile Billboards deliver a lower cost per thousand than most other forms of media.

What sets M3G apart from the crowd & why so many of our clients call on us again and again:

  • M3G Mobile Billboards Garner 80,000-150,000 Impressions per Day
  • Detailed GPS Tracking Reports to Ensure Efficiency
  • M3G Quality Assurance Commitment
  • 20 Years of Agency Experience
  • Turn-key Customizable Programs
M3G eliminates the IFs of advertising:

– If potential customers listen to the right radio station, they will hear my message.

– If they are watching the right channel, they will see my message.

– If they are driving the right road, they will read my message.

– If they don’t throw away the envelope, the will read my message.

M3G Contact Info

Toll Free: (877) 634 - 6624 Office: (313) 340 - 0446
Fax: (313) 340 - 0447
Email: info@M3G.us
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